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    Project Logistics

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    ·Dismantling and re-assembly of workshop equipment, machines and display items

    ·The analysis of flow chart and the critical path, guarantees that delivery and installation are mutually coordinated

    ·Consolidates infrastructure among the habitat, en route and destination

    ·Accredits specialist in shipping service department of customers'company

    ·Through Chief International Transportation Co. Ltd's affiliates, we provide the insurance,
    or supplement the existing insurance policies

    ·The nimble freight transportation arrangement adapts to freighters's chedule

    ·Scene investigation to determine whether it conforms to permit and preparatory work requirements

    ·Provides special shipping equipments, to have custom-made equipments to conform with the individual case's technology standard

    ·Comprehensive document service, including customs, legitimate import and export
    requirements, legalized invoices and habitat certificate, as well as the entrusting of documentary evidence at banks

    ·Manages laws and regulations restrictions of all related sizes, the customs duty, the import/exportation license

    Special solutions for peculiar circumstances

    Logistics industry frequently faces many challenges, including the transportation of heavy plant, large display items, or the ultra large-scale cargo, all of these need customized solution and the specialist. Chief International Transportation Co. Ltd has special case group to provide comprehensive solution in case of special situation, this help customers to reduce non-essential troubles , avoiding the complication and reducing overhead charges.
    Chief International Transportation Co. Ltd's special case group appoints specialists to be responsible for the whole process , from planning to final implementation, Chief International Transportation Co. Ltd won nearly eight years of successful experience. In the full foresight of special situation, CTC reduces the transportation and storage cost through the integration of entire supply chain.

    Purchaser of German Hyde fort printer group in Shenzhen, China

    Chief International Transportation Co., Ltd appoints staffs to German Hyde fort printer group's Shenzhen agent, helping them to plan and suggest relative ultra large-scale printer's complex purchasing.

    Mak Diesel Engine Ltd., Cd

    Chief International Transportation Co., Ltd takes in charge of this major equipment manufactures'heavy and large special case's transportation , including the preparation of wharf operation, transportation and unloading, the coordination of special transportation equipment, the application of import and export permit, customs clearance, inland trucking and installation of heavy generators.

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