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    ISO Tank & Flexitank

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    Chief International Transportation Co. Ltd specialize in all kinds of the different chemical logistics (including ISO Tank container, Flexitank,barrel and drums)service and international transportation.

    "One stop" service can match the requirements of general containers and all kinds of other packing for chemical logistics. According to customers'request, we can safely deliver to destination accurately and on time based on our network and service advantage.

    Further more, CTC set up products data base with the time being, door to door delivery experience and our products data base support our "Know how", we design fast, economical and suitable logistics solutions for our customers in limit time.

    CTC is in position to provide the concept of Safety, Healthy and Environment-friendly service which depends on the experienced team and the advanced management system.

    Excellent service makes value, honest operation makes good reputation——CTC all staffs are looking forward to approaching you and eager to know each other better. Our target is develop together and achieve together with you.


    Add:Room215-216,Kaiji Bldg., CATIC PLAZA No.4 , Yuehua Road,HuLi District Xiamen, FuJian
    FAX: 86-592-5696576 / 6031261 © 2007 Chief International Transportation Co.,Ltd
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