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    Transportation Service of Artwork

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    Transportation of artwork
    Artwork is priceless, unique but extremely fragile. It is inevitable that the transportation of artwork might brings risk, therefore, there must be specialist who have rich experience to process it. CTC provides omnifaceted artwork transportation service, including insurance, composition, packing and transportation service.
    Range of service
    ·Company Profile
    ·Customized packing
    ·Customs Clearance
    ·Dealer consolidation
    ·Workflow photograph
    ·Documentation Processing
    ·Appraisal of Antique
    ·Temporary Storage
    ·Original Certificate
    ·Unpacking and positioning
    ·Door-to-door transition
    ·Package and unwrapping
    Specialized in customized packing:
    Antique furniture
    1.Wrapped with protective white paper
    2.Surrounding entire piece with suitable cardboard
    3.Styrofoam molding
    4.Packed into custom-built wooden crate
    Chinaware and breakables
    1.Wrapping flimsy paper around each frail part
    2.Packing the overall item with white paper
    3.Putting in the center of styrofoam mold
    4.Filling gaps with styrofoam chips and white paper
    Oil paintings and mirrors
    1.Packinig with protective white paper
    2.Protect items with bubbles materials,
    polystyrene plastics and white paper
    3.Putting into wooden crate
    4. Increasing exterior support to ensure stability
    Extra large statues
    1.Tying up the hardest part with soft straps
    2.Accurately crane the statue and put it into crate
    3.Using the internal prop to fix statue
    4.Wrapped the item with protective material
    before sealing.


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