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    Exhibitions transportation home and aboard

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    CTC is the carrier of East China Fair,China International Industry Fair (CIIF in brief),the Las vagas and Chicago's international home & housewares show. CTC's display transportation department accumulated rich experience in large scale exhibition. CTC can handle documents for exhibition (help customers to apply for ATA license). By its unimpeded customs channel,high quality scene service and reasonable human resource arrangement,CTC provides sea,land,air and etc. multi-transportation,storage,commercial inspection,exhibition article supervision and management,remaining purchasing and returning transportation and etc. synthesis transportation service. CTC set up good service brand in the profession during these years.

    Our service

    The display transportation department with its specialty,highly effective,high quality and perfect service,it built up good cooperation relation with oversea agent. It successfully undertook 歐博會,the Brazil and China commodity exhibition,Chicago hardware exhibition ,international home & housewares show,Xuhui real estate exhibition and etc. famous oversea exhibition. It provides import,export customs clearance,transportation,scene moving and etc. service.
    For exhibition in China,display transportation department provides in time and effective service for overseas companies. It handles import customs clearance,transportation to stand service. This guarantees the successful convening of exhibition. For example,the successfully undertaking of south Korean commodity exhibition,Shanghai international metal working exhibition,Morocco economy and trade exhibition and green tech & environmental exhibition,etc.

    Add:Room215-216,Kaiji Bldg., CATIC PLAZA No.4 , Yuehua Road,HuLi District Xiamen, FuJian
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